Problem: Our Financial Security is Stolen

5 billion people cannot retire in financial security due to asset inflation. The financial security that our grandparents enjoyed is gone.

Asset inflation #1

£350k assets now cost £5,000,000.
In the 80's, my grandfather offered this wisdom, "To retire comfortably, invest in government bonds and live off the interest." So, 40 years ago, my grandfather only needed to prepare £350k for £50k per year income. However, nowadays, I need to prepare £5m for the same £50k pension.

My grandfather needed £350,000 to retire, we need £5,000,000. That's asset inflation.

Asset inflation #2

Houses cost 3x-5x more today.
My mother prides herself in building a portfolio of 10 properties. That is really impressive! "All you need is hard work", she says.

But, when she bought her properties, the average house price was 2x the average salary, she could get a mortgage easily, and received government grants to refurbish her properties. Nowadays, properties are 6x-10x our salaries (some locations are at 50x salaries), it's difficult to get a mortgage, and without any grants for refurbs.

Forgive me mum, with asset inflation this high, and without the benefits you enjoyed, how can we build a real estate portfolio of 10 units -- even with hard work?

Bring back financial security

So, we need to bring back the financial security our parents and grandparents enjoyed by creating inflation-proof assets with long-term security that we can sell quickly if needed.

Why choose Dawnium?


We need an inflation-busting asset that holds its value, risk mitigated, with long-term security, but also liquid if we need to access our money quickly.

Meet Dawnium. Dawnium fulfills "DRRT" investing criteria and is an inflation proof, high security, risk averse, yet globally liquid long-term asset-building solution.

Dawnium is ideal for those that need a convenient investment instrument, such as individuals that cannot buy a house, people that want a sturdy regular savings plan, risk averse UHNWI's and institutional investors that need robust growth & returns, yet also need high liquidity.

3 benefits of Fintech

How it works

Dawnium is very import, so how do we achieve our goals?

  1. We follow sound business and investment practices learned from the London School of Economics, important real estate mentors, and experience from 20+ years in business. Combined, these earn us an "AA" credit rating as well as a prestigious UK real estate investment award.
  2. Acquire strong real estate assets because strong assets provide lower risk returns.
  3. Prepare assets for tenants.
  4. Lease assets out to tenants.
  5. Tokenise the assets without leveraging to reduce risk.
  6. Savvy, risk averse individuals and institutions acquire tokens in a transparent process where they know which assets they are purchasing.
  7. Token holders receive their share of rental income.
  8. Token holders sell their token whenever desired or necessary.

Halal and ethical

Not only are we Halal, but we are always ethical and follow laws of all relevant jurisdictions for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders.