What is Dawnium?

Imagine: an investment as safe as houses, with the exponential, scalable growth of Fintech

Welcome to Dawnium: large scalable profits, with the stability of real estate

  1. Fractional ownership of prime commercial real estate
  2. Funding for real estate that reduces risk for both lenders and borrowers
  3. To mitigate risk, Dawnium keeps real estate investing 66% safer than a traditional real estate investments
  4. Not only 66% safer, it also reduces finance costs
  5. Higher liquidity
Why choose Dawnium?

Why choose Dawnium?

Dawnium holders benefit not only from safer investing/borrowing & lower costs, there's more:

  1. Dawnium gives access to the world's 2nd largest asset class: commercial real estate to retail, HNW & UHNW investors
  2. The UK is an ideal destination because of its strong real estate market, and over 400 years of political stability, while the British pound is a world reserve currency
  3. Meanwhile, top economists predict the USD's downfall as the largest reserve currency and so Dawnium can protect our assets from the upcoming USD crash, to become a strong holder of value in its own right, shielding its investors from hyper inflation
  4. No matter how bad the economy, we'll always need: housing, offices, shops and farms - all forms of real estate
  5. Fintech works because of its large liquidity on public exchanges; can invest & sell more quickly; lower fees; with micro amounts from $100 to $millions - ideal for all investors

To sum up, Dawnium holders profit from the world's 2nd largest asset class: strong commercial real estate - with added benefits

White Paper

Dawnium's white paper is coming soon, so contact us for updates

3 benefits of Fintech

3 Benefits of Fintech

Dawnium Fintech is ideal for these reasons:

  1. Dawnium Fintech has high liquidity & is highly exchangeable
  2. Fintech democratises investing by allowing the under-privileged, HNW's & UHNWI's to all profit from programs that the current laws only benefit the über rich
  3. Larger pool of available capital with Fintech. With billions of savvy investors making investments from only $100 to $millions, there's more capital available than with current solutions, while reducing risk, increasing safety & increasing profits


  • Win for Dawn Heritage
  • Win for humanity and Dawnium coin holders who all need stability in these unprecedented times